COVID-19 Cases Continue to Decline In Costa Rica

The Ministry of Health reported this Tuesday that COVID-19 cases continue to decline in Costa Rica. From May 30 to June 5, the country registered 13,375 positive cases, while between May 23 and 29, there were 14,776. A week earlier, from May 16 to 22, it registered 16,128 cases.

Precisely this Tuesday the Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS) also announced the application of more than 1,800,000 doses of vaccines against the virus. The doses that have been applied to prioritized group 1 (workers in long-stay care centers and first response institutions) are 229,517. Group 2 (people over 58 years of age) received 1,278,942 doses.

Priority groups

“From the beginning, the protection of the elderly has been a priority for vaccination teams throughout the country, as this is the most vulnerable group to the consequences that COVID-19 can cause,” said Dr. Mario Ruiz, manager CCSS doctor.

With respect to group 3 (people with risk factors between 12 and 57 years old), 382,845 doses have been applied, to group 4 (officials of the MEP and private educational centers, AyA and PANI) 9,074 doses and to group 5 (people without diseases complicating contagion), 5,799 doses.

This week the CCSS distributed 88,950 doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine and 130,698 from the pharmaceutical house Pfizer.

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