Criminal Court resumes on this date trial against band of “Gringo”

( .- The Court San José Prison established for Tuesday, August 3, the resumption of the trial against a total of 13 people, after 12 defendants pleaded guilty to the events. All would be linked to the band of Erwin Guido Toruño, alias Gringo.

To this group the Public Ministry and the Judicial Investigation Agency (OIJ) attribute crimes of drug trafficking, money laundering and qualified homicide.

Krysia Zamora Pérez, Judge of the San José Criminal Court, informed all the parties involved in the process that on August 3 the debate will start at 9 am and will run until 1:30 pm

Zamora Pérez reported that one of the accused had been issued a health order for COVID-19. He also asked the attorneys for the defendants to inform them about the new start date of the trial.

The declarations of guilt of 12 of the accused must be approved by the Criminal Court. The measure prevents these people from continuing in court.

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