Cuba emerges triumphant and dictates strategic chairs

Undoubtedly, the events of July 11 in Cuba, which caused Socialist Cuba to emerge triumphant and giving us a lecture on strategies and tactics to face the onslaught with clear imperial nuances.

And it is that the objective was clear for the mercenaries and counterrevolutionaries: they are a series of steps very well studied and perfected, based on the experience of their previous application in dissimilar countries of Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa: Yugoslavia, Hungary, Ukraine, Libya, Egypt, Iraq; they tried in Syria, Venezuela and Belarus, namely:

* Generate a situation of chaos and ungovernability.

* Entry of a “humanitarian intervention” in the form of a foreign military force.

* Leading the invaded country towards a submissive and docile form of government that allows the financial elite and foreign monopolies to loot their wealth to the detriment of the most disadvantaged social classes.

One of the lessons that Cuba gives us is knowing how to detect false news, before the multiple lies that they published and continue to publish about the fact of the marches, and suggests the following:

  1. Read the complete information and do not get carried away by a title that is too flashy, it is essential not to be fooled.
  2. Check the sources.
  3. Stop to look at who signs the news and, when in doubt, investigate this person, find out what other news they have published under their name or pseudonym.
  4. Sometimes news of this type is found on unofficial pages.
  5. It is recommended to look for more sources that have this same information, this step will help to verify how true it is.
  6. Checking the images that are used should be another premise, as well as using Google tools to determine if they are manipulated.
  7. Reviewing the Domain or URL as well as the post comments will also help during verification.

Immediately after the attempted coup, President Diaz-Canel, giving a lesson in leadership and temper of steel, commissions the same people to defend their revolution, being aware that the Cuban people will defend their revolution at the cost of whatever.

A significant fact of the above is reflected in the expression of a man, who culminated a mass conscious revolutionary march, expresses and sprouts what burned within him: “Here, precisely, in front of the dethroned eagle!” His sight saw the crowd from where a people in Revolution as demolished the imperial symbol.

Let us not forget that Article 3 of the Cuban Constitution regulates that sovereignty resides in the people: “from which all the power of the State emanates.” This text (approved by 86% of the votes) obliges to respect popular sovereignty and fundamental rights.

The right of resistance is regulated against “anyone who tries to overthrow the political, social and economic order established by this Constitution”, and includes all avenues. Being an extreme resource, it requires the prior use of other resources.

And it is that the counterrevolutionaries bet on inexperienced people or with little preparation, prone to being easily manipulated, to make them believe that all the calamities they faced were the fault of the ineptitude of the Government, and not the product of the external actions that had been undertaken since a year and a half earlier, coupled with other fortuitous factors.

What followed was and is, to confront and counterattack the digital opinion matrices, unveiling the lying images and false videos, which sought to stir up unscrupulous minds and exacerbate counterrevolutionary spirits, as well as being echoed in the Western media.

Recall that the US television, FoxNews, overshadowed some posters in support of the Cuban Revolution, during an interview with Congressman Ted Cruz, one of the greatest defenders of Washington’s hard-line policy against the island.

The chain used the images to show an alleged demonstration against the Cuban government, when the banners were actually used in a demonstration of support for President Díaz-Canel with the following message: The streets belong to the revolutionaries.

A highly publicized element was the “supposed” failure of Socialism in Cuba, before such a “noisy” expression of the “tired” people.

Did Socialism fail then? It depends on the criteria with which it is approached. Undoubtedly, on the Island there is no “Shopping centers” full of merchandise, there is no hyper-consumption of articles manufactured with programmed obsolescence and the population is not measured by the vehicle or the watch you own, by the brand clothes you wear or by the top of your credit card.

Now, since capitalism is based on exploitation, it does the impossible so that the exploited do not react. That is the class struggle! And in that fight, the ideological takes on a preponderant role. Hence, the few existing socialist spaces are shown by the right as resounding “failures.”

At the same time, the Cuban people have reiterated and it is a crucial moment to continue denouncing the cruel blockade of the North American empire, emphasizing and insisting that, for six decades, according to official data, it has represented a loss equivalent to 147,853 million for its population. of dollars.

Only during the pandemic, damages reached 9,157 million dollars, an amount comparable to the “extended service” loan that Ecuador agreed with the IMF (and other financial entities) in 2019 for 10 billion dollars.

It is added that a UNDP study reinforces the problem of the Covid-19 impact on the Cuban economy and society. Under the obvious historical considerations, it is impossible to fail to coincide with the UN, so that the universal demand is imposed to end the blockade.

But what they never imagined, the dark forces of the empire, was and is the power of the peoples of Latin America and the conscious world, in demonstrations and support for the Cuban Revolution, which is growing in number and sympathy every day.

In any case, this gringo audacity will go down in history as that other occasion (another one of the heap), in which the “great” gringos made a mistake for the umpteenth time from one corner to the other with Cuba, as they always have in the last 62 years.

The bells sounded again for “the end” of Socialism in Cuba. Surely some mouths salivated from the balconies of the empire (and beyond or here from the sea that separates this island from the rest of the world), and also from some sewers, but they could not and will not be able to against this brave people, which is established in the resistance, of more than sixty years of aggression and with a revolutionary mystique against everything.

Finally, President Diaz-Canel, to continue supporting the Cuban people, on July 14, 2021, announces several economic measures and on the importation of food and medicine.

During a television appearance, President Díaz-Canel, the Prime Minister and the Minister of the Economy also addressed the issue of the effects of electricity generation, as well as changes related to the state-owned company and micro, small and medium-sized companies.

Forward Socialist Cuba!

Let us remember that the “shock troops” of the empire against the revolutionary processes, are now in Our America the gangs that devastated the neighborhoods of Managua; the Guarimberos of Caracas, who murdered and burned sympathizers of the Bolivarian Revolution; the fascist task forces that fueled the coup in Bolivia, which extorted, razed residences, kidnapped and beaten indigenous people, women, and leaders of the Movement for Socialism (MAS). Of the same pedigree are the “Protestants” of the 11-12 in Cuba.

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