Deputies and government in debt with plan to bring order to the Foreign Ministry

The Chancellery

( Neither the President of the Republic, Carlos Alvarado, nor the deputies in Congress would keep their word to promote and approve a bill to put order in the appointments of people outside the Diplomatic Career in positions of the Chancellery and in positions in the country’s Foreign Service, that is, in embassies and consulates.

Despite the fact that from the beginning of this administration the President and the deputies committed themselves to approving the draft reforms to the Foreign Service Statute, the truth is that less than 10 months before the president and legislators leave the Presidency and their seats the project is stalled in Congress and there is no interest in approving it in recent months.

The president of the International Relations Commission of the Legislative Assembly, Karine Niño, blames the Alvarado government for this, saying that for the Executive this is “a secondary issue.” It should be mentioned that in the last 8 months of Extraordinary Sessions in Congress – where the Presidential House can decide the agenda of projects discussed by legislators – the Executive never convened this plan, which was ready to be discussed in the Plenary.

Despite the fact that from August the deputies will be able to take control of the agenda, Deputy Niño assures that 10 months is “a very short time” to move forward with the project.

“We – the deputies – put all the effort, work and dedication to be able to advance and build with this issue that has not been changed for years, however, once again it is clear that for the Executive it is a secondary issue and since viability ability I am not going to insist on an issue that is not wanted to correct. I think it is necessary to take stock of the country’s priorities. There is a lot on the agenda and there is little time, ”said Niño. tried to talk to the Chancellor, Rodolfo Solano, Minister Rector on this issue, but could not be reached. However, months ago the minister and career diplomats from the Foreign Ministry had expressed their reservations with the text.

A project questioned from the beginning

PLN deputy, Karine Niño

On November 26, the deputies of the International Affairs Committee of the Legislative Assembly affirmatively ruled on the controversial bill drafted by the liberationist deputy Ana Karine Niño with files from the Citizen Action Party (PAC).

The six legislators present in the commission passed bill 21,235, which aims to reform the Statute of the country’s Foreign Service. The legislators approved the text presented by Niño and the PAC despite the warnings of the Chancellor of the Republic, Rodolfo Solano and the diplomats of the Diplomatic Career that their intentions go against the professionalization of the Foreign Service and that it opens doors to rather increase the appointments of inexperienced and hired people in the Yellow House.

The bill that the liberationist deputy Karine Niño wrote with members of the PAC not only does it contradict the speech that one day, with such impetus, he delivered against patronage in the Foreign Ministry, it would also raise the country’s public spending at a time of economic and fiscal crisis.

The project It intends to give the government of the day the possibility of using 25 positions in the diplomatic service to use as they please and appoint whoever they want, even if these people do not have the suitability, preparation and requirements for the positions. These 25 positions do not include the 50 positions for ambassadors and alternate ambassadors that, by constitutional mandate, the Executive Power already has the right to use in a discretionary manner.

In addition, the text proposes that those beneficiaries can enter the diplomatic career automatically, without having gone through the entire training and promotion process that true diplomats go through throughout their careers.

But what is most striking in the text promoted by Deputy Niño, is its contradiction about positions of trust. The deputy in that project proposes going against the resolution of the Attorney General’s Office (PGR) in December 2018, when she pointed out the obligation that those who occupy the management positions of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are career ambassadors.

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