Deputies approve regulations against sexual harassment in the Legislative Assembly

San José, Jul 29 ( – This Wednesday the deputies approved, with 43 votes, file 21,372, Regulation against sexual harassment in the Legislative Assembly for deputies, which establishes the procedure to sanction such conduct.

The initiative seeks to guarantee the right to denounce, carry out the investigation under the principles of due process and in the event that responsibility is determined, punish sexual harassment by deputies.

When a complaint of sexual harassment is filed, an investigative commission will be in charge of the case and must submit a report with a recommendation to the Legislative Plenary.

In the event that the Legislative Plenary approves the recommendation of the Investigative Commission in which it is determined that the deputy denounced is responsible for the sexual harassment, the sanction to be applied is a public ethical reprimand.

As explained by the deputy José María Villalta, the sanctions contemplated in the regulations cannot go further because a reform to the Political Constitution is required.

For his part. Deputy Shirley Díaz stressed that the problem is not exclusive to the Legislative Assembly but affects society and the data is alarming in the public sector.

Similarly, legislator Nielsen Pérez Pérez stressed that, although the Legislative Assembly has had a regulation against sexual harassment since 2011, it does not apply to deputies.

He stressed that it is thanks to a political agreement that the regulation is approved, giving a clear message to future deputies that the Legislative Assembly is a space free of sexual harassment

The President of the Legislative Assembly, Silvia Hernández Sánchez, stressed that with the approval of the regulation it is made clear to the public that there will be no impunity for a political elite.

With the approval by the Plenary, the new regulations are incorporated into the Regulations of the Legislative Assembly.



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