Deputies observed a minute of silence for Rodolfo Peña

Deputy Rodolfo Peña (Photo: CRH Archive)

( This Tuesday afternoon the deputies observed a minute of silence in memory of the deputy of the Christian Social Unity (PUSC), Rodolfo Peña Flores, who died last Friday due to the consequences left by COVID-19.

Legislators from all legislative fractions remembered Peña as a kind person and willing to collaborate with all people. They also remembered him for his delivery to his native Guanacaste.

At the same time, they highlighted their ability to differ with them on different issues but without taking those differences to a personal level.

Congressmen expressed their condolences to his family.

At the same time, lawmakers recalled the importance of accelerating vaccination against COVID-19.

The motion for a minute of silence passed with 38 votes.

On Saturday legislators from different political groups they dismissed with honor guard to Peña Flores.

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