Deputy and former deputies assure that they never met with people related to drug trafficking issues

San José, Jul 27 ( – Former legislators of the Unidad Social Cristiana, Liberación Nacional and a former independent congresswoman as well as the current deputy Ivonne Acuña indicated this morning that they never met with people related to drug trafficking issues and questioned the security issue within the Assembly.

The first to appear before the Special Commission that analyzes this issue was the legislator Ivonne Acuña who was emphatic in that at no time did she receive questioned people in her office, that what she received was an email that was not followed up further.

The legislator Luis Ramón Carranza, consulted Acuña about the management of the National Restoration Party campaign where money bags were allegedly received. Faced with this question, the deputy pointed out that she never saw black bags with money or anything strange.

For her part, former deputy Natalia Díaz questioned the security problems faced by the Legislative Assembly where a person can affirm that they are going to a specific office and never arrive or go elsewhere, and indicated that they have not met with the people questioned.

Both legislators Erick Rodríguez and deputy Karine Niño endorsed Díaz’s position on the issue of security in Congress.

Likewise, Rodríguez launched strong criticism against the Citizen Action Party, assuring that you cannot see the straw in your eye when you have a beam in your own when evidencing the sentence for fraud that the PAC must pay.

Former PUSC deputy, William Alvarado, also claimed not to have met with Roberto Soto, linked to drug trafficking issues, and reported that the office of security officials reported that the alleged visit was during the plenary session and assured that Assembly security couldn’t tell where a visitor was going.

Legislator Luis Ramón Carranza asked about funds from previous campaigns where cash donations were made, to which Alvarado commented that the information has already been sent to the Supreme Electoral Tribunal.

Similarly, former deputy Humberto Vargas also assured that he does not know the people questioned about drug trafficking issues.

Despite this, Deputy Carranza insisted that in the 2016 campaign, cash resources were deposited into what Vargas claimed were funds from his companies.

The former legislator Olivier Jiménez said that a person named Cartín came to his office with plans but had never visited him and also highlighted the security problems where a person could go to any office.

Carranza asked about the relationship with the mayor of Corredores and the deputy Viales and if he made contributions for the campaign, to which Jiménez indicated that the funds were from the party and when he aspired they were also funds from his own pocket.

While the former deputy of the Christian Social Unity Party, Johnny Leiva, indicated that he received Cartín on two occasions in the framework of support for women in the Liberia area, regarding the visit of a person named Soto Rivera, he met him on issues of the Rice Corporation.

The last to appear before the Commission was former congressman Gerardo Vargas who indicated that a group of community leaders arrived, including a person named Cartín in 2014 and discussed a housing project.



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