Dolanescu presents a project to close the National Concessions Council

San José, Jul 19 ( – Congressman Dragos Dolanescu presented a project to close the National Concessions Council. The initiative found under file 22,592 seeks to adjust the Government’s organization to the new current challenges.

As Dolanescu explained, “the erroneous idea of ​​trying to solve a specific problem or carry out a specific project through the creation of a body or entity has created a tangle of institutions that not only do not offer the best coordination or the best result, but have weakened the quality and timeliness of the decisions, management and political direction of the Executive Power. This serious institutional inflation has weakened the presidential system of Government envisaged by our Political Constitution of 1949 ».

«Through the creation of these councils, the Ministry of Works and Publics sees the motivation for their creation diluted, as well as the effective control over these new bodies, which constitute islands within the overflowing administrative organization chart, this because each of the councils, enjoys maximum deconcentration, instrumental legal status and their respective boards of directors, which have the participation of the private sector, related and with interests in the matters that are the subject of the respective councils, “he says.

In addition, he insisted that since the Concessions Council is in a series of similar situations, the country has suffered a series of millionaire losses such as the Juan Santamaría airport concession in favor of the Altera consortium, the same happened with Route 27 and also with the San José-San Ramón route, initially granted to the Autopistas del Valle company, which later transferred it to another company (OAS) whose contract was terminated by the Chinchilla-Miranda administration at a millionaire cost for all Costa Ricans.

«Likewise, as a result of the recent corruption scandal, perhaps one of the largest in the history of our country, the cochinilla case, where Conavi has a leading role, being that since 2018, the MECO company has received contracts with the State for around 139,000 million colones, “he added.

For the legislator «by eliminating the maximum deconcentration of the National Council of Concessions, I am also proposing to dispense with all its boards of directors, because as I indicated above, the integration of said boards responds to the interests of certain economic groups (as we have seen in the recent case of corruption), and this hinders decision-making and the prompt execution of public policies based on real demands of Costa Rican society.



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