Earth’s “vital signs” are weakening, scientists say

(AFP) .- The Earth’s “vital signs” are weakening, according to the statement released by a group of scientists who fear that we are approaching climatic “points of no return”.

The scientists are part of a platform of more than 14,000 experts that two years ago called for a declaration of a global climate emergency.

In his new text, published by the BioScience magazine, the signatories claim that governments have failed to confront to the causes of climate change, caused in his view by the “over-exploitation of the Earth.”

Of the 31 “vital signs” of the planet, including greenhouse gas emissions, glacier thickness or deforestation, 18 have already reached worrying record levels, according to the text published in the journal BioScience.

Despite the temporary reduction in gas emissions, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, CO2 concentrations and methane in the atmosphere reached unknown levels in 2021.

Glaciers are melting 31% faster than 15 years ago, and deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon also hit a record in 2020, according to those experts.

The study recalls that there are already more than 4 billion head of cattle of all kinds in the world, which exceeds the combined mass of the entire human race and wild animals.

“We have to react to the evidence that we are heading towards climatic points of no return,” said one of the authors, Tim Lenton of the University of Exeter.

Some of those points may have already been passed, such as the thaw in Greenland and Antarctica, which could be irreversible for centuries, even if CO2 emissions are reduced.

The authors claim actions rapid and radical in various sectors, such as the phase-out of fossil fuels, the restoration of ecosystems, vegetarian diets and the search for a new growth model.

“We have to stop dealing with the emergency climate as an independent problem, warming is not the only problem in our system under pressure, ”insisted William Ripple of Oregon State University.

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