Fabricio Alvarado and Rolando Araya lead voting intention 2022

San José, Jul 20 (elmundo.cr) – Fabricio Alvarado from Nueva República and Rolando Araya, still without a defined party, lead the vote for the first round of the next national elections in 2022.

The foregoing is clear from the latest study presented by the company Approaches, held from July 10 to 15, 2021 among 800 people, for a margin of error of +/- 3.4%.

According to the study, Fabricio Alvarado would have the support of 11% of voters in the first round, while Araya would be supported by 10%.

Of the candidates who have said that they would participate in the process, according to the study, Piza would have 8%, Lineth Saborío, already a candidate of the Christian Social Unit, 7%, José María Villalta of the Frente Amplio 7%, José María Figueres candidate of National Liberation 6% and Carolina Hidalgo of Citizen Action 3%.

Juan Diego Castro was also included in the study, who has not expressed his intention to participate.

Other data indicates that the potential support for a first round would be 25% for Fabricio Alvarado, 21% for Rolando Araya and 20% for Lineth Saborío.

In the section of knowledge and image of the candidates, the best placed are Lineth Saborío (5.64) and Rolando Araya (5.06). The worst image is maintained by José María Figueres with a popular rejection of 73%.

Rolando Araya would be defining in the next few days with which political party he will participate as a candidate.



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