Farmer’s Fair now has a book with recipes by Isabel Campabadal

San José, Jul 21 ( – Did you know that popcorn is a pre-Columbian invention? And that the passion fruit – passion fruit in English – does it get its name from the Passion of Christ? These are the data that you will find in the new book by Isabel Campabadal, entitled “Authentic”.

It is a book that mixes more than 60 recipes with curious facts about ingredients that can be found at the farmer’s fair such as avocado, pejibaye and coconut, among others. It also includes information about the Central Market and the Bourbon Market.

«With this book I seek to pay homage to authentic Costa Rican cuisine, which is not the same as traditional cuisine. The traditional is the one that is transmitted from generation to generation, while the authentic is one that celebrates the identity of a country through its unique flavors and ingredients, “said the 2019 Magón Award.

The publication, which took two years to prepare and the work of a dozen people, is licensed by the Esencial Costa Rica country brand, because it promotes an important part of Costa Rican gastronomy. In addition, it champions the values ​​of the Country Brand: Excellence, Sustainability, Innovation, Social Progress and Costa Rican Linkage.

Stephanie Monterrosa, director of the Ojalá publishing house, pointed out that “the farmer’s fairs are wonderful places, with an enormous capacity for transformation. What we want with the book is to invite people to go more, recognize the work of those who grow our food and provide ideas on how to transform the products into delicious recipes, thanks to the ingenuity and great talent of Doña Isabel ».

It is available for pre-sale through the publisher’s website and as of August 10 in the physical and virtual stores of Librería Internacional.

That same day there will be a free virtual launch where the chef will explain how to prepare one of the recipes in the book. To access it, all you have to do is go to the Facebook page of International Bookstore May 10 at 6:30 pm.

The book was published by the Ojalá Ediciones publishing house and the CLAN design studio. These companies were responsible for another publication by the author, winner of the prestigious Gourmand award at the national level in 2015.



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