Fernán Faerron trained apart from his teammates this Monday and Asojupro intervenes

San José, July 20, 2021 (elmundo.cr) – The Association of Professional Players (Asojupro) became involved in the disagreement that the player Fernán Faerron has with his club, Liga Deportiva Alajuelense.

The player trained in a different way this Monday at the High Performance Center (CAR) together with the physical trainer Javier Baldi. While the rest of the teammates trained normally under the command of Andrés Carevic and his assistant, the Mexican Mario Acosta.

Alejandro Sequeira, Asojupro lawyer, told Mundo Deportes that they learned about what happened this Monday with the defender and for that reason they decided to communicate with Alajuelense to make them see the consequences that could arise if a player trains differently from his teammates without there is a compelling reason, such as an injury or a muscle issue that requires you to receive therapy or some rehabilitation.

“A player who works differently for no reason can request the termination of his contract. I clarify, this does not mean that once this happens the player can start his legal process before the club, no. This is only if it happens repeatedly for a number of days. This Tuesday he trained with the team.

“We know that this happened on Monday with Fernán Faerron and that is why we contacted the club to comment on this detail in case it happens frequently. We know that this Tuesday the player returned to practice with the rest of the group, ”said Sequeira.

The Asojupro representative mentioned that he does not know more details about what may or may not be happening within Alajuelense with the player. And if he knew it, he cannot get involved in matters that are not strictly legal between his clients and the employer.

Fernán Faerron and Alajuelense are looking for a loan exit for this second half of the year and see how a purchase option is finalized for December.

Handymen knock on doors in teams of Major League Soccer (MLS), in the United States, and one option is the second team of the Los Angeles Galaxy.

Although this medium knows that the player’s representatives also look for other options for the young defender.

Faerron maintains some differences with some of his teammates that Agustín Lleida and Andrés Carevic sought to file.

And on the part of the player, there is a disagreement with his coach and the sports manager of the institution.

For example, Mundo Deporte knows that one of the interventions of the captain, Bryan Ruiz, to solve some differences between the squad and the player, the defender replied that what was happening was that 10 was envious of him.

On other occasions, the player accepted, amid tears, that he acted badly in some discrepancies with some of his teammates.

We will see how the issue of the defender in Alajuelense ends, if things are solved and he stays in the club or if the options that are handled are specified.



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