Figueres integrates commission to detect excessive legislation

( .- The presidential candidate of the National Liberation Party (PLN), José María Figueres, formed a political-technical commission to carry out a diagnosis on the excessive legislation, red tape and over-regulation that is in the country.

The name of the initiative will be the Facilitating Commission for Deregulation and Facilitation of Legality.

According to the Figueres trend, the commission’s key points are the detection and elimination of obsolete laws and decrees, the simplification of procedures, and the reformulation and rethinking of requirements and procedures in public management.

The commission will have three work tables that will be dedicated to diagnosing the obsolete laws, the procedures to simplify and the reformulation of requirements and procedures that exist in the public apparatus.

The commission’s work will begin with a public consultation that will subsequently be submitted for discussion and analysis. The third phase of the commission will be the formulation of the document “Efficient and modern Costa Rica”, which will be presented publicly.

Among the sectors that will benefit from the commission’s work are the public sector, tourism, finance, municipalities, the business sector, technology, free zones, real estate development, telecommunications, energy, environment, agro-industry, culture, infrastructure development, tax and customs, and health.

The constitutional lawyer and former secretary general of the PLN, Fernando Zamora Castellanos, will be the general coordinator of the Commission.

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