Get to know the “Interceptor”, which will Prevent Tárcoles Garbage

For collecting the garbage that floats in the Tárcoles River, an “Interceptor” will be installed soon. It is a Dutch-made mechanism that collects waste and stores it in containers. To do this, a barrier is placed in the river where the garbage is trapped. From there, the waste goes to a barge where a conveyor belt distributes it in the containers.

Once the tanks are almost full, an alert is issued for local operators to clean them. The capacity is 50 cubic meters. The “Interceptor” was donated by the Kingdom of the Netherlands to Costa Rica on the occasion of International Oceans Day.

During the delivery ceremony, in addition, the Costa Rican authorities signed an agreement with the Dutch organization “Ocean Cleanup” to coordinate with different sectors and coastal communities the development of cleaning technologies, waste management and use of them.

Seeking solutions for the sustainable consumption and use of plastic

According to the ambassador of the Netherlands in Costa Rica, Christine Pirenne, the goal is to implement the “Interceptor” and the agreement as soon as possible. “We continue to seek solutions for the sustainable consumption and use of plastic, so that we can prevent it from continuing to reach rivers and oceans,” the diplomat said.

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