Going to Monteverde, Costa Rica

When you think in a place with the most beautiful and green view, the most amazing landscapes and the most unique nature you must be thinking in Monteverde. This city is located in Puntarenas, Costa Rica and is easy to get there, but you must know that the city is adding the mountain and the first twenty-five kilometers are of ballast road. During the entire road trip you will enjoy the nature of Costa Rica and when you start to climb to the town the view is going to take your breath away!

Monteverde Costa RicaThe Monteverde cloud florest is a place to have it all, you can have just a nice and relax day surrounded of nature or have the most active day full of extreme activities, the nature in this zone is one of the most amazing that you will see in your life, there are a lot of kinds of trees and is normal to going walking through the city and suddenly have an exotic animal in front of you or see unique birds flying over you, is amazing!, something that you must live and keep in your memories.

The local people is very sweet, they are always with the intention to help you, you can shop some local crafts and enjoy their culture, Monteverde is a quiet place that you can just go and walk through the town and gardens or going cyclist enjoying the incredible view. This place have a lots of local restaurants so you can taste de Costa Rica cuisine, to visit this city you don’t need to spend a lot of money because all the tours have reasonable prices, the food is not expensive and there are a lot of options to stay depending to your budget, from a simple hostel to a sophisticated hotels.

You will find in Monteverde too many things to do, like canopy through the most impressive forests, walk inside those forest through long and amazing hanging bridges, do some rappel in waterfalls, go to rivers in a bike or quad bike, visit the serpentarium, go to the Biological Reserve of Monteverde, take a ride horse or what about a night walk and see the amazing night life of the animals of the zone? Sounds nice, right?!

Come on, you must come to Monteverde, Costa Rica and have the most incredible moments!

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