Government condemns violence against protesters in Cuba


( The Costa Rican government condemned the violence against the Cuban protesters in recent weeks.

This Monday, through a press release, the Foreign Minister, Rodolfo Solano Quirós, said that the government condemns any action that prevents Cuban citizens from demonstrating. At the same time, the Executive urged that respect for all human rights be guaranteed, in particular freedom of expression and of the press, of assembly and the right to peaceful demonstration.

“The right to demonstrate peacefully is a fundamental right that must be guaranteed and we condemn all actions that prevent its exercise. Costa Rica condemns the violence against protesters in Cuba during the protests, while strongly requesting “said the minister.

Solano also urged the international community to commit to supporting the Cuban people in their aspirations, demanding that the Cuban government guarantee spaces for dialogue between all sectors to find solutions to the situation.

“Likewise, we call for, in accordance with international law, any unilateral action that harms the fundamental rights of the Cuban people be lifted. Costa Rica is following the prevailing situation in Cuba carefully and with concern and reiterates that it is essential that an environment of peace and tranquility be guaranteed, particularly at this time when citizens demand attention to their demands, “he added.

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