Great Breeze! Tica surfer advanced to round 3 of the Olympics

( The national surfer Brisa Hennessy started on the right foot his participation in the Tokyo Olympics.

Hennessy entered the water with the conviction to advance in this Heat and he did it in second position with a score of 12.20.

The Costa Rican signed the second highest wave of the Heat with a 6.33, only surpassed by a wave of the Australian Sally Fitzgibbons.

With this result, Breeze advanced to the third round of a historic event, since it is the first time that surfing enters the scene in an Olympics.

1. Australia / Sally Fitzgibbons 12.50
2. Costa Rica / Brisa Hennessy 12.20
3. South Africa / Bianca Buitendag 11.44
4. Japan / Mahina Maeda9.20

Now the tica will re-enter the waves of Tsurigasaki Beach until tomorrow.

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