“He swore to them that I will work hard to improve in all aspects”

San José, July 22, 2021 (elmundo.cr) – Fernán Faerron spoke through his social networks, made it clear that he has made mistakes and that he will make every effort to improve in all possible aspects.

“In the last few days different news have come out about me and Liga Deportiva Alajuelense, the vast majority false and without any basis. (…) That I am not uncomfortable in the team or anything like this, on the contrary, I have more desire than ever to be able to help the club and give my life on the pitch if necessary to achieve the objectives.

“Of course I am not perfect, like every human being I have been wrong, I have a strong character and that sometimes is not so good, but the important thing is that day by day I try to improve as a person and as a professional. With humility I will accept my mistakes and I swear to you that I will work hard to be better in all the necessary aspects ”, explained the player.

Lastly, he mentioned that he does not have a bad relationship with captain Bryan Ruiz.

“I want to clarify the calumnies that have been said about my relationship with ‘Capi’, at no time have I made, nor would I make a bad comment about my partner Bryan Ruiz, on the contrary, I only have good things to say. I appreciate him very much and I feel complete admiration for him, I am very grateful for his support and the advice he has given me ”, explained the player.

Faerron comes to the step, in the last days the situations in the club were not all good for him. Since the previous tournament, he had disagreements with some of his teammates for not being able to control his competitive nature and, in one case, due to a personal issue.

The situation got to such a point that the previous Monday the player did different jobs but on the same court where the rest of his teammates trained.

For that reason, the Association of Professional Players (Asojupro) intervened on the issue and reminded the club that it is not healthy to do this type of practice.

“If a player trains for many days apart from his teammates, it can be a cause of unilateral contract breaking,” Alejandro Sequeira told El Mundo.

Alajuelense had the option of sending the player on loan to the second team of the Galaxy, but the defender did not accept the proposal.

Faerron had no action in the last firing for the 2021 Opening Tournament, La Liga played this Wednesday against Santos de Guápiles in the CAR and won 2-1.

The player will not be available for Andrés Carevic in the first three dates of the championship because he was sent off in the last game of the semifinal against Deportivo Saprissa.



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