Hidalgo presents 4 proposals for the region before the celebration of the Annexation of the Party of Nicoya

San José, Jul 25 (elmundo.cr) – The deputy and candidate of the Citizen Action Party, Carolina Hidalgo, celebrated “with great joy the Annexation of the Nicoya Party to our country.”

Which he cataloged as “a decision that contributed a lot of culture and gastronomy to our country, but what leaves us most are people with a huge heart.”

Given this, the candidate pointed out that our commitments for the region include:

– Continue with the PAACUME project to provide water for production, tourism and human consumption, to their territories.

– Develop a program for the planning and diversification of production based on demand to favor local supply, shorten intermediation chains and boost the economy.

– We will reactivate production through public-private alliances that allow the management of productive infrastructure that is currently underused in the territories. We will do this to promote the opening of agribusinesses, generate employment and boost the economy in rural areas.

– We will expand the differentiated insurance model for the agricultural and fishing sector. To do so, the assurance model implemented in the coffee sector will be replicated, which takes into account the characteristics of each activity.



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