How to Properly Get Rid of Insects from Your House

Keep insects out of your house in the most appropriate way. Avoid doing them as little damage as possible. Rainfall can have a profound impact on insects, most of the time imperceptible to ordinary people. After temperature, environmental humidity is the second factor that directly affects the development and activity of insects.

In addition, precipitation in the form of rain can have unfavorable effects on arthropods. These effects will depend on its intensity, the amount of falling water, the associated temperature and the strength of the wind, as well as the type of insect, its stage of development and its habitat. In the rainy season, insects tend to enter the house.

How to correctly avoid the proliferation of insects at home?

Although it may seem obvious, closing the doors or windows properly can help a lot to prevent insects from doing their thing in your home, since you are closing the easiest access routes.

A good thorough cleaning can also help you since having an impeccable house will help certain insects and animals to get away from it in the correct way, causing them as little damage as possible. Also taking into account that many leave their homes in rainy seasons looking for a place to take refuge since their burrows are flooded with rainwater.

Another option that drives them away without causing harm is a preparation based on plants or essential oils. Place it in different areas of your home, including the garden or terrace, this will help you to have your house free of insects during the rains.

In winter

To kill mosquitoes in winter, since its temperature attracts mosquitoes, you can drive them away naturally before ending up with your body covered by bites. You can use cinnamon since its smell is unpleasant for mosquitoes and they will drive away quickly and effectively. All you have to do is mix a pint of cinnamon oil with a pint of water. Then place and spread the mixture throughout the different parts of the house.

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