I am not committed to interest groups, Hernán Solano points out when Marcia González joined Welmer Ramos

San José, Jul 28 (elmundo.cr) – The presidential candidate of the Citizen Action Party, Hernán Solano, pointed out that “I am not committed to interest groups.”

Solano stressed that «I have wanted precisely from this conviction not to respond to those interest groups, be they individual or collective, but to respond to an agenda, to these ideas, so that we as a party can really become that party that we dreamed of in the 2002 transform Costa Rica ».

In this way, the candidate reacted to the news of the adhesion of Marcia González and her team to the Welmer Ramos team.

Which he called “very respectable is part of the decisions that one makes in political life, which I respect.”

However, he stated that “well I take the opportunity here to give a message to all those leaders, citizens who were accompanying Doña Marcia: I have been involved in this, convinced, determined, that we have to manage, from the Action Party Citizen, a government of unity, when I say unity; it is of listening capacity, of vocation, with authenticity without hardships, where we can all, to be able to agree on the great national issues ».

“I believe that in the 1940s the successes of those great decisions were achieved, and we have lived for a long time,” he asserted.

For Solano «one of the great problems of Costa Rica today is trust, we do not trust each other, and I believe that this is the main motivation that has me in this, we have to generate spaces of trust, we have to generate from great national solutions from these spaces of trust and we are all going to benefit. “

“We all have to see the issue of inequality, the issue of corruption we have to see it all, that is why I have been raising many issues on this, especially the constitutional issue, not as an imposition proposal, no, as a proposal for conversation, so that we can have from these long lights in which we have to get involved all of Costa Rica, not just the Citizen Action Party, “he added

“In this direction I want you to accompany me, that you can be part of this story, that we can make it a reality,” he concluded.



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