I applaud that you have listened to us and that the National Emergency Declaration has been signed

San José, Jul 27 (elmundo.cr) – The liberationist deputy Paola Valladares referred to the signing of decree 43131-MP, which declares a National Emergency due to the serious situation facing the country due to the heavy rains registered at the end of the week previous.

«We are all Turrialba! I applaud that you have listened to us and that the Declaration of National Emergency has been signed, which means that the Executive Branch can have more agile resources to deal with the damage caused by the emergency that affected so many communities in the Northern Zone and the Caribbean. “Said Valladares.

The legislator indicated that she is now requesting “that the Emergency Care Plan, which is the next step, be carried out in a conscious way, meeting the needs of the WHOLE canton. Today there are communities in Turrialba where the local government has not approached, ignoring the impact not only on infrastructure, but also on the productive sector.

In addition, Valladares assured that “listening to citizens say that municipal officials threaten them, that because they have resorted to legal channels to have their roads taken care of, they will no longer be taken into account in the following budgets until within 5 or 6 years, as happened yesterday in the Chitaría community, it is the most vile and inhumane thing I have ever heard ».

“If the aid will be distributed under those parameters of political convenience, we are certainly very badly off, and far from being supportive,” he added.

In the same way, the deputy stressed that “today there are still incommunicado families, who cry out for help and are still not being cared for.”

“There are many institutions attending the emergency, but as a State we must be more effective in the care and distribution of scarce resources,” he concluded.



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