I have voted against the loan with the IMF because it is badly negotiated

San José, July 19 (elmundo.cr) – The liberationist deputy Daniel Ulate indicated the reasons why he voted against file 22,433, Approval of financing with the IMF through the Expanded Service Facility of the Fund (SAF) for the support program for post-pandemic recovery and fiscal consolidation.

“I have voted against the loan with the IMF because it is badly negotiated,” said Ulate.

The legislator stated that “the government has a series of projects that are the letter of presentation for the IMF to comply with the delivery of resources, however, these projects have no future within Congress, so most likely we will have problems with compliance. in the goals requested by the IMF to make the respective disbursements.

In addition, Ulate affirmed to be consistent in that “it is useless to approve this loan if just around the corner we are going to be against most of the projects that the government negotiated in order to acquire said loan.”

“On the other hand, the Alvarado Quesada Administration continues without taking serious and decisive measures against tax evasion and avoidance that are one of the main problems of the fiscal deficit problem in Costa Rica,” he concluded.



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