I was chosen to represent a movement, my candidacy is not a matter of vanities

San José, Jul 21 (elmundo.cr) – The deputy and presidential candidate for the Citizen Action Party, Welmer Ramos, asserted that “I was chosen to represent a movement, my candidacy is not a matter of vanities, but of carrying out a agenda to transform this society in times of crisis.

This was stated by the candidate in an interview for Teletica Radio, in which he stressed that “I am of challenges and the challenges of this society can by far be solved by making substantial changes but that have been latent and have not been made, such as improving education.”

Similarly, the candidate pointed out that “there are people who believe that wealth is only created by companies, yes, but the State also creates wealth with quality education, health services, infrastructure, science and technology present in production processes.” .

He also added that “Costa Rica is expensive to live as a product of monopolies and oligopolies extracting wealth from it.”

“There are countries that have solved it well, the illusion is to resemble countries like Switzerland and Finland, with a more cohesive society. For that, of course, we have the teams and the comprehensive programmatic proposal, “he said.

“We have to rethink the model we have. Chile, the economic model to follow generated wealth, but not opportunities, “he stressed.

For Ramos “we have to encourage much more local entrepreneurship to grow economically.”

The legislator emphasized that “the PAC has made the mistake of not daring to remove middle managers and of having confused a political negotiation with handing over power. Negotiation is necessary, but the PAC gave up the economic power in this government.

However, he stated that “I do not consider myself distant from the PAC faction. I consider myself far from the economic team of this government, which is a strange team to the Citizen Action Party.

Given this, he said that “the electorate is very intelligent and knows how to distinguish a government that gave the representation of the economic team to an external group that does not represent the principles of PAC.”

“I entered the PAC with the illusion of having a country of opportunities,” he concluded.



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