Icoder court receives appeal from Limón against Unafut

Courtesy Limón

(CRHoy.com) .- The Administrative Court of Sports Conflicts of the Costa Rican Institute of Sports and Recreation (Triacode) heard this Tuesday in an extraordinary session the appeal filed by Limón FC against Unafut.

The Caribbean cadre filed a process with said entity on Monday in his fight to avoid playing next season in the Second Division.

In the extraordinary session of the Tribunal, one of its members, Sergio Rivera, was inhibited from issuing criteria in the process because he has served as legal advisor to Unafut in the last 5 years.

The same green-and-white club in 1 of its 3 appeal points had requested that Rivera step aside.

Given this, the other members of the Court will proceed to carry out the procedures for their replacement and in the next session they will define a shortlist that they will send to the National Sports and Recreation Council for the appropriate.

“In accordance with Article 20 of the Regulations of this Court, hearing of the case is suspended until its structural quorum has been completed with the corresponding substitution,” the Triacode finally agreed.

This will further delay a response from the Icoder Court on whether or not to accept the appeal presented by Limón.

Club requests:

1. That the Court order the Board of Directors of Unafut to send you the complete file of the case so that they know first-hand all the argumentation that we have presented and that all administrative channels have been exhausted.

2. We request to be imposed a precautionary measure for UNAFUT Please do not schedule the start of the 2021 – 2022 season until this resource is approved.

3. We ask that Mr. Sergio Rivera be recused so that he refrain from hearing this appeal, since he took part of it when he was an advisor to the Unafut.

Limón alleges that the 2020-2021 season, in which they lost the category after a play-off against Sporting FC, was not played fairly for the 12 clubs.

For this reason, Search all possible instances for the descent to freeze and to be able to continue one more year in the highest category.

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