Imposing justice in the markets is not easy, especially when economic interests are involved, says Welmer Ramos

San José, Jul 21 ( – The deputy and candidate of the Citizen Action Party, Welmer Ramos, assured that “when we talk about exercising power to impose justice in the markets, it is not easy and simple, especially when economic interests are involved. ».

Given this, the legislator pointed out that “some of the policies that we have today have been built many years ago, they corresponded to other times.”

“Today Costa Rica is a country that is immersed in international trade and unlocking and generating competition is what we must do,” he said.

For Ramos “it is not acceptable that nowadays large private companies act rudely, without any regulation and leave the smaller ones that participate in the productive sectors at a disadvantage.”

“In our country, policies have been designed that have not corresponded to the interests of the collective, but to a few and that are reflected in what we have today: poor distribution of wealth, inequality and, above all, a country with a high cost of income. life, “he lamented

“That is what we have to attack, it is what I have worked from the Executive Power and today as a deputy of the Legislative Assembly and it is my desire to build an equitable society for everyone,” he concluded.



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