Incense identifies Delta variant of SARS-CoV-2 in the country

San José, Jul 20 ( –In the SARS-CoV-2 genomic surveillance process, Inciensa detected yesterday the first 16 cases of the Delta variant in the national territory, 12 Costa Ricans and four foreigners. A total of eleven cases correspond to women aged between 16 and 64 years and five men aged between 21 and 34 years.

Patients were identified between epidemiological weeks 24 (June 13-19) and 27 (July 4-10). Seven people are recovered, nine are still in the process of recovering from the virus. None of the people have required hospitalization, nor have they died. Fever, cough and headache are the symptoms that have presented the most:

Signs and Symptoms Registered in the Delta Variant Population
Signs and symptoms Percentage
Fever 22.92%
Cough 20.83%
Headache 16.67%
Odynophagia 10.42%
Myalgia 8.33%
Arthralgias 6.25%
Nasal congestion 4.17%
Weakness 2.08%
Shaking chills 2.08%
Vomiting 2.08%
Respiratory Difficulty 2.08%
Anosmia 2.08%

Of the 16 positive for Delta, three patients were vaccinated: two with Pfizer and one with Johnson and Johnson. Those vaccinated with Pfizer had already exceeded 14 days after immunization, while the person vaccinated with Johnson and Johnson counted 10 days after their immunization.

The cases presented a wide geographic distribution as detailed below:

-In the province of Alajuela 5 cases:

  • 2 in the canton of San Carlos
  • 1 in Alajuela center
  • 1 in Guatuso
  • 1 in San Ramón.

-In the province of Saint Joseph 5 cases:

  • 3 in the canton of San José
  • 1 in Homeless
  • 1 in Pérez Zeledón.

-On Puntarenas 2 cases:

  • 1 in the Central canton
  • 1 in Corridors.

-On Heredia 2 cases:

  • 1 in Barva
  • 1 in the Central canton.

-On Lemon 1 case in the Central canton

-On Carthage 1 case in El Guarco.

Regarding background travel outside the country, three cases reported having traveled to: Nicaragua, Mexico and the United States, as well as a tourist of German origin.



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