Incofer asks Health to endorse the transfer of standing passengers

( .- The Costa Rican Railway Institute (Incofer) seeks that the Ministry of Health authorize the transfer of standing passengers on the routes that operates in the Greater Metropolitan Area (GAM).

Since February, the ministry approved a protocol that allowed users to be mobilized in this way. But nevertheless, It was suspended after the rebound in COVID-19 cases registered between April and May.

María Fernanda Arias, spokeswoman for Incofer, explained that this week they sent a letter to the Ministry of Health, “so that they value reauthorize standing passengers according to the protocols that we already had approved“.

The protocol approved in February allowed up to 10 standing passengers at ‘peak hours’, on routes shorter than 20 kilometers.

Thus, the Apollo-type units could carry up to 29 people standing (27% of the total number of passengers). While, conventional cars could only carry 9 passengers in this way.

To travel standing up, the Incofer demarcated distances of 1.8 meters between each space.

This says the approved protocol:

  • All the passengers they travel with a mask, as the guidelines indicate.
  • Access at the main stations is limited to meet the allowed capacity.
  • Every day I know disinfect wagons and cleaning protocols are carried out.
  • The maximum transfer time on trips is 55 minutes.
  • Will not be allowed talking to passengers or talking on the phone, reducing exposure to droplets.
  • No food will be allowed.

On the trains, there would be logistics staff in each wagon to ensure compliance with the protocol.

The institute operates rail transportation services between San José, Alajuela, Heredia, Cartago and Belén.

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