Innovation must mark the route between digital government and the citizen

Faced with the challenge of better serving the needs of the citizen, public institutions face an urgent need to innovate. We are talking about an innovation that, through technology, begins to define the new “bridges of interaction” with citizens; bridges that should be built with this same innovative spirit.

Therefore, it is best to build them with the product of the collective intelligence of thousands of experts, reflected in the multiple projects. open source. Without a doubt, these will deliver much more value and with a unique stamp.

In fact, more than a development model of software, the open source It is an innovation model that expands the capabilities of an organization, by making it part of a community involved in solving the same problem or simply interested in contributing to its resolution.

Users of the open source they are not restricted to tech fanatic groups. For years, open source has been installed in a revolutionary way in the mission critical systems of the world’s leading organizations.

We have, for example, government institutions that have already adopted open source to fulfill their mission of delivering well-being to citizens. This innovation makes sense by allowing an institution to adapt to the changes of citizens, who demand from any platform a close, simple and zero paper experience.

Of course, a bridge must be built on solid piers to support it. In technology projects this is no different: we must have a strong and solid support in medium, security, certifications on platforms, and training; in addition to the advice of expert consultants who can help in the technology adoption process while guaranteeing an investment that is cost-effective.

On this last point, for its more than 25 years working with communities and open source projects, Red Hat is the most authorized actor to support these pillars of technological innovation, capable of supporting the priority projects of government institutions.

Unlike software Traditional, used under licensing, our subscription model provides enterprise-level support to our entire portfolio of technologies, without sacrificing the client’s total freedom to operate with technologies from the most diverse origins. This support and advice translate into their ability to deliver a superior experience to the citizen, meeting and exceeding expectations.

At Red Hat, we don’t just offer business solutions open source, as Linux or hybrid cloud systems; Through our transformational programs and services, we share our knowledge and capabilities to transform people and culture within an organization in order to fully develop the transformative potential of technology and have much more modern and collaborative institutions.

The innovation model proposed by the global community of open source it will become the standard for the development of ICTs during this decade; At Red Hat, we believe that this system can make the most of existing talent in organizations.

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