Intel increases the planned investment in Costa Rica to $ 600 million and triples the number of jobs advertised

San José, Jul 21 ( – Intel Costa Rica is progressing at a good pace so that the Assembly and Testing operations begin in the coming months. The Corporation increased the investment announced in December 2020 from $ 350 million to $ 600 million.

The growth of investments is due to the decision to accelerate the ramp of assembly and testing operations to support new demands from our clients, as well as growth of existing operations in the country. Only the manufacturing area will have 26 thousand square meters, 11 thousand more than originally planned.

In total, 750 people have been hired from 2020 to date, for Assembly and Testing, the Research and Development Center and the Global Services Center.

“We are very pleased to be able to announce this increase in investment to be made in the country and which is also associated with an increase in jobs originally reported. Today Intel Costa Rica employs more than 2,700 employees, the same number we had in 2014, but with human talent in more diverse and specialized areas, who with their skills and professionalism are helping to consolidate operations in the country; In addition, indirect employment is generated in our operations for about 3,800 people, “said Timothy Scott Hall, manager of Government Affairs at Intel Costa Rica.

Scott added that the corporation is aware of the efforts in different geographies to increase competitiveness, this time the existing infrastructure, the synergy with the operations that are already in place, the talent, the free zone regime and the legal certainty. They gave Intel a favorable option to expand its capacity in Costa Rica. The country must continue to promote its competitiveness constantly as it happens in the rest of the world.

The Corporation also increased by $ 40 million the investment in new equipment and technology for the laboratories of the Research and Development Center, dedicated to the design, prototype, test and validation of integrated circuit solutions. The space and infrastructure in the different laboratories is being expanded. For this specific area, 150 people have been hired in the last year.

For the President of the Republic, Carlos Alvarado, an announcement of this magnitude, by a leading global company, sends an extraordinary signal of confidence in the country to meet the demands of global markets. “This is a long-term relationship, based on the high quality of our human talent and an investment climate that provides the necessary conditions to execute complex processes, thus promoting reinvestment and growth of companies,” added the president.

The Minister of Foreign Trade, Andrés Valenciano, was pleased and indicated: «The news of the growth of the Intel company in Costa Rica is indisputable proof that Costa Rican human capital is talented and trained in professional areas of high demand for industry 4.0. Since 1998, Intel has chosen our country to export quality to the world and we are pleased to know that they continue to confirm that Costa Rica is a stable strategic ally for their businesses ”.

In addition, he stressed that “its long-standing presence in our country and its constant evolution towards increasingly complex and sophisticated processes, specifically in the area of ​​Assembly and Testing, its Research and Development Center, as well as the Global Services Center, highlight how in our country, we work hard to maintain optimal conditions and a favorable climate for investment. We celebrate this great news, the new opportunities that derive from it, and its contributions to our economy. Many successes!”.

Jorge Sequeira, CEO of CINDEHe commented that “Intel confirms Costa Rica’s position as a strategic variable in its global operations. Further increase your investment for testing and assembly activities, as well as equipment and personnel for the center of Investigation and development, strengthen the country’s position as a platform for smart manufacturing, and that responds efficiently in Industry 4.0. In addition, it is proven that Costa Rica is the best option for nearshoring in the Americas, which is backed by an ambitious value proposition of people, planet and prosperity ».

The new collaborators have undergone a training process since their entry, in technical aspects, occupational health, and organizational culture. For the Assembly and Test operation, this training has been carried out in Asia, in the United States and also locally.

At this time there are more than 150 open positions in various areas such as engineering, manufacturing, finance and information technology, among others. Those interested in applying can find all the details only in

New operations progress satisfactorily

As announced last December, Assembly and Testing operations will begin in the second half of the year. The facilities will be on the company’s campus in San Antonio de Belén. At this time, all the necessary equipment for the start-up of the plant is already in the country and has started the respective functional verification process. It also began the certification process by the Corporation, which is expected to be completed in approximately two months.

These operations are part of Intel’s Manufacturing and Operations organization. Once the silicon wafer manufacturing process is complete at Intel factories, they are cut and sent to a test and assembly facility. Each chip is assembled in a package that protects it and allows it to connect to other components. Finally, its functionality is tested.

Intel in Costa Rica: high value operations

The Assembly and Testing operations are in addition to the high-value activities that are already in Costa Rica and which are divided into two large centers:

1. The Research and Development Center (R&D): Currently the largest R&D Center and the largest exporter of these services in the country, dedicated to the design, prototype, testing and validation of integrated circuit solutions; 40% of the collaborators are employed here.

two. The Global Services Center: This center designs, executes and transforms multifunctional business processes for everyone in Finance, Human Resources, Sales and Marketing, Quality and Information Technology. Here another 40% of the outside work is used.

In addition to its operations, Intel continues to invest in the country and its people. With skills-based volunteering we have brought the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) closer to hundreds of students throughout the country, an example of this are the recently launched free programming courses and the project with Colegiales de Limón to improve their technical and strategic skills to increase their employability.



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