Irazu Volcano, Costa Rica

I think that we all have this kind of thing that if we travel to some place we want to have that perfect image and moment so we can remember it in our mind over and over again, Costa Rica is a place that have it all, in this country we can do a lot of activities and take a pause in our lives and just breath and being peaceful surrounded by nature. Let’s talk a little bit of their volcanos, in Costa Rica there are around five active volcanos, we want to talk you in this occasion about Irazu Volcano.

Just at the beginning of the travel you will start enjoying the beauty of Cartago’s city, you will see a lot of green fields with cows, goats, horses and a thousand of yellow flowers. The weather of this zone is one of the coldest of Costa Rica, the road is great for all kind of car and at the top you will find the Irazu National Park where is located this volcano, this park is always open from morning till afternoon. A curious fact is that the name “Irazu” has an indigenous origin, it comes from the word “Istarú” that means hills of the trembling and thunder, pretty cool right?

You will see that this park is very simple, only the nature of the place is enough to decorate the place and have the most amazing time and of course great pictures too! The view of the volcano is great, is very interesting seethis nature gift so close, just in front of us. The park is keep is always clean, Costa Rica wants to protect this kind of areas and save them from contamination. It was magnificent too see a lot of families having fun and put their phones and the connection to the world off and just breath the fresh air, because at the end this is what is going to make you appreciate all this magical places and connect yourself with nature.

At the end of the day you can stop and drink some coffee and try the Costa Rica food in local restaurants on the road.

So, if you come to Costa Rica and you love to spend time in the nature, you should visit Irazu Volcano in Cartago, Costa Rica.

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