Jicaral gets a valuable result in Pérez Zeledón

Written by Daniel Monge.

San José, July 27, 2021 (elmundo.cr) – The Opening tournament of the Liga Promérica 2021 began this Tuesday afternoon with the game between Jicaral Sercoba and Municipal Pérez Zeledón, a match that was played at the home of the Guerreros del Sur and gave us a game with a great surprise.

A very even game was the one that opened this championship, there were arrivals by both teams, however neither managed to achieve but the dangerous actions were many by both teams.

The second half reflected the same parity in the game and on the scoreboard, however, that changed when at minute 66 Henrique Moura scored the first score of both the game and the tournament, the first expulsion of the jicaraleños came at minute 11 when Jason Prendas earned a straight red.

At minute 80, the second expulsion of the match due to accumulation of cards was presented to the player Miguel Velásquez, three minutes later the visiting team would get the tie through the Jamaican player Chevone Marsh.

In this way, the first duel of the Apertura 2021 ended.



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