Jonathan McDonald was an advisor to Jurguens Montenegro to make his decision to play in Bolivia

San José, July 27 ( .- The opportunity for Jurgens Montenegro in Bolivian soccer came about five days ago.

One of them was Jonathan McDonald, the player took the phone and spoke with the Club Sport Herediano forward to find out his thoughts on the possibility of traveling to Bolivia and joining Bolívar.

“For me McDonald has always been a great companion, he is one of the players who helped me a lot when I started in La Liga, he was one of those who always advised me along with Porfirio López.

“At noon (this Monday) we spoke and he told me that he would take the option, that if it brought me benefits I should take it. That I had to believe in my conditions and take this step as a springboard to continue growing ”, explained the national striker.

Another player he spoke with was Júnior Díaz, a native of Fraicasiano, Puntarenas, who explains that the former defender has always helped him polish his details in practice and he appreciates him.

“Junior told me that he didn’t have much to think about. That he did not believe that going to Bolivia could be a setback as some might think. That it is a competitive league and that I could play tournaments like the South American or Libertadores, trust me in my conditions ”, said the attacker.

Leonel Moreira is another of the players who took a few minutes to talk with the young player.

The goalkeeper had his time at the same club that acquired the loan with an option to purchase from Montenegro, he was on Bolivian soil in 2019 and lifted the champion title.

He returned to the country because social conditions were not the best at that time, the capital of that country experienced a series of protests that led him to return to the country and Pachuca loaned him to Alajuelense.

“Leo told me that I should be careful in the first months because of the height issue. That I could not do the same as I do here in terms of movements and diagonals due to the suffocation that one can feel in the first days. That I should go little by little so that the height does not hit me too much, ”said Montenegro.

Another voice of encouragement was that of goalkeeper coach Wardy Alfaro.

“I appreciate Wardy. I have known him for many years, since I came to the League. He told me that not everything is thinking about money, that I must set goals for myself and that one must be to try to do things well in Bolivia to take another leap. That always the fact of moving to another type of competition will leave experiences “, detailed the striker.

The player wanted to make the leap abroad. He had options at the beginning of June and they did not materialize.

The man from Puntarenas wanted minutes of play and this was not assured in the red and black house against the competition of Marcel Hernández and Johan Venegas.

In addition, he wants to show himself before the coach Luis Frenando Suárez, who pointed out that starting this Tuesday he will start his camp in all the stadiums of the country and will also look for a way to visit the legionaries to make up his list for the qualifiers heading to Qatar 2022.

“We all want to be in the National Team, for that we have to play and do well. But the first thing is to have minutes, that’s my goal. I want to play and God first things go well ”, concluded Montenegro.

The player will travel to Bolivia this Tuesday.



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