José María Guevara would assume as deputy after the death of Rodolfo Peña

San José, Jul 23 ( – The lawyer José María Guevara would assume as a deputy after the death of Rodolfo Peña due to causes related to covid-19.

In an interview for EL MUNDO Guevara indicated that “if constitutionally I am the person I follow, I will assume it at the precise moment that I am authorized to do so, that the Supreme Electoral Tribunal call me.”

In addition, the lawyer referred to the resignation of Melina Ajoy, indicated that he had contacted her, and during a meeting, she told him that “due to her personal aspirations, for the 2022 deputation, because she was not going to assume the position of replace Rodolfo Peña and she told me that in this case it would be my turn in accordance with the ballot that was given at the precise moment, which was when deputy Peña was popularly elected.

“We had discussed that, but we had not specified anything because in reality we are asking God that Deputy Peña will recover soon, and assume his position; But if there is the possibility that I assume that position, be sure that I will assume it with responsibility, with great interest in serving my country and that would be for me not only a pride as a person but also to be able to serve my communities in what I can help them, “he added.

Guevara is a resident of Santa Ana de Belén, Carrillo Guanacaste and practices some cases as a trial lawyer. Likewise, he stated that his office has it on his farm and does all the work on it, he goes to the Courts of Santa Cruz, the Courts of Liberia or Carrillo to the Contraventional Court of Carrillo.

“For what reason, because in reality now as you know very well as a result of this pandemic everything has declined and to have an office open there so that they see it as no,” he added.

The lawyer stressed that he feels prepared to assume the deputation and that he has aspired to that position on two different occasions “when Miguel Ángel Rodríguez and now with the election of Carlos Alvarado, that I was a candidate for deputy for the Christian Social Unity Party.”

Guevara concluded by stating that he has been the municipal mayor of Carrillo for four years, was a member of the Cenara board of directors in the government of Miguel Ángel Rodríguez and has also had experience in the administrative field and in the municipal field.



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