Judge rejected prison against lawyer related to Diablo in assault on remittance

(CRHoy.com) A judge with the last name Santamaría, from the Pococí Criminal Court, rejected a request from the Public Ministry to impose preventive detention against a lawyer with the last name Alfaro Bermúdez, related to the members of the bIt is Alejandro Arias Monge, alias “Diablo”, in the assault on a remittance truck that was transporting more than ¢ 400 million.

The previous Tuesday agents of the Judicial Investigation Agency (OIJ) of Pococí, They raided two properties in the Pococí area, where they arrested the lawyer Alfaro, as well as the driver of the remittance truck named Solano Bustos.

According to the investigation of the Robbery and Assaults section of Pococí’s OIJ, whos received collaboration from the Specialized Section of Organized Crime, the lawyer Alfaro Bermúdez, participated directly in the assault on the securities truck in December 2020 in the area known as Las Minas in Pococí on Route 32.

The suspect was in a vehicle following the remittance truck, and alerting the assailants, members of the “Diablo” organization, about a possible police checkpoint or the presence of authorities that would prevent the attack.

The Pococí Criminal Court, imposed six months of preventive detention against the driver of the remittance carrier Solano Bustos, for having allowed himself to be assaulted and put the lives of his companions at risk.

As for Alfaro, the lawyer must comply with house arrest with electronic monitoring.

This is the second case of assault on a remittance truck committed by the organization alias “Diablo”. Both cases were worked on and solved by the Robbery and Assault section of the Pococí OIJ.

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