Law is Approved That Gives Benefits To Foreign Professionals Who Work In Costa Rica

With 35 in favor and five against, the Costa Rican legislative plenary approved in a second debate the law that promotes the visit of the so-called “digital nomads” to the country, thanks to a series of facilities that the law would give foreign professionals who come to work for a season.

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Encouraging the visit of professionals

The bill encourages the visit of professionals with incomes of more than $ 3,000 per month, with the idea that these workers boost the country’s tourism sector.

The draft “Law to attract workers and remote service providers of an international nature”, which was discussed under file 22,215, was widely congratulated by the liberationist Carlos Ricardo Benavides, who was its main promoter.

Among the opponents were deputies Welmer Ramos and Luis Ramón Carranza, of the PAC, as well as José María Villalta of the Frente Amplio, who have questioned whether they continue to motivate benefits that are not promoted for Costa Ricans.


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