Legislative Assembly approves motion to support the Cuban people and repudiate acts of violence

San José, Jul 27 (elmund.cr) – The Legislative Assembly approved a motion, with 44 votes in favor and one against, to express solidarity with the Cuban people and show its rejection of acts of violence against citizens who They manifest, in addition to requesting access to the internet and information.

Deputy Paola Vega pointed out that she voted in favor of what is happening in Cuba but affirmed that the motion is biased.

For her part, legislator Karine Niño commented that social order must be sought and that the rights of people in Cuba be guaranteed.

The motion states:

1. Express your solidarity with the Cuban people for the economic and health crisis, and the situation of political and social instability that afflicts the country.

2. Manifest your rejection of the repression exercised by the socialist regime in Cuba against its own citizens, curtailing their essential human rights to life, liberty and security; no longer persecution for their ideas.

3. Urge the Cuban government to reestablish and guarantee the continuity of free internet access to social networks, as a full manifestation of the human right to freedom of expression and access to information.

4. Greet the opening of the regime so that its population receives remittances, medicines and basic necessities from abroad.

5. Make a call to the political and social sectors of Cuba to stop any form of violence and redirect their differences through dialogue, as part of the signs of transformation that the new reality of that country expresses.

6. Urge the Costa Rican Foreign Ministry and the international community to interpose their good offices in favor of a full development of regional multilateralism, first making it clear that the guarantee of spaces for dialogue and solidarity with Cuba, in an atmosphere of peace and tranquility, is fundamental to successfully resolve citizen demands.

The broad front José María Villalta, indicated that the motion is full of impressions because they are substantive issues, where opinions are issued on international political issues.

“The motion does not include the lifting of the blockade, which is State terrorism,” Villalta said.



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