Leilani falls to the playoff round but is still alive in Tokyo

(CRHoy.com) The national surfer Leilani McGonagle he fell to the repechage round this Saturday at the Olympic Games surfing event.

At times ethics was among the first two, what would give him the direct ticket to the third round but in the end he did not succeed.

With a score of 9.64 he was in third position and will have to re-enter the water at dawn on Sunday.

1. United States / Caroline Marks 13.40
2. New Zealand / Ella Williams 9.70
3. Costa Rica / Leilani McGonagle 9.64
4. Portugal / Yolanda Hopkins 9.24

In the end the two best waves of the Costa Rican were with ratings of 4.97 and 4.67.

Now the Tica will have to play a new round to continue in the fight for a medal that will be historic as it is the first time that surfing competes in the Olympic Games.

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