Liberal Progressive Party rules out coalition with Christian Democratic Alliance

San José, Jul 24 ( – Eli Feinzaig, president of the Liberal Progressive Party, announced that they are ruling out joining a coalition with the Christian Democratic Alliance Party for the 2022 national elections

Feinzaig pointed out that “the character of the Liberal Progressive Party is to make calm and well-considered decisions based on the highest good for all. Our goal is to govern with the force of ideas, freedom as a flag and the individual as the center of the proposals.

In addition, he explained that “for more than a year we have been forging a coalition based on ideas and agreements to move the country forward. A large number of citizens who found space at the work tables and, above all, places to agree on the diagnosis of what ails the country, the remedy, began to join this nascent agreement, as had already been happening from the seed of the PLP. that the patient needs and – not least – how to administer the medicine ».

“Unfortunately, given the uncertainty due to events that have occurred in recent weeks, the CEN and the campaign command have made the decision not to continue the political alliance with ADC,” he added.

Feinzaig stressed that “this does not mean that we return to the starting point. Many of the people who have joined our working group remain with the same energy, the same commitment and the firm will to turn our country into a place of respect for freedom and individuality, a place of opportunities and better quality of life for all ».

“With the experience of the coalition attempt we have learned a lot, we have acquired important talents and we have attracted the attention of sponsors who believe in us, in our project and in our leadership. Today we are a much larger, stronger, better financed party with an impeccable track record of ethics and transparency, “he added.

The politician stressed that they will continue “under the banner of pro-freedom, and with an expanded team that we will call PLP plus (PLP +). This exciting new identity can be seen from today on social networks and next week we will be issuing more communication about the Plus concept.

Feinzaig concluded by stating that they are counting on the support for the coming National Assemblies to be able to register candidates for the presidency and delegations “and continue working for the change that the country needs.”



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