Limón FC asks Icoder to suspend the start of the next tournament to assess its appeal in search of continuing in the highest category

Photography: Unafut

San José, July 19, 2021 ( – Limón FC fights to remain in the First Division and requests the Costa Rican Sports and Recreation Institute (Icoder) that a precautionary measure be issued so that the 2021 Opening Championship does not start on July 28 until its legal request is known and evaluated.

The Limón FC team confirmed through a press release that it presented an ordinary appeal to the Icoder Administrative Court of Sports Conflicts.

In this way, the Caribbean team continues its fight to cancel the 2020-2020 season, in which the team was relegated to the Promotion League.

“Although we believed in the officials of the Unafut, led by Julián Solano, we were also clear that they were judge and party and it would be difficult for them to acknowledge all the irregularities they have committed. At last we reached a neutral, impartial entity with no interest whatsoever other than to dictate justice ”, affirmed Luis Fernando Zúñiga, Caribbean legal advisor.

According to the lawyer, the appeal is the same that was presented before the Unafut and the Costa Rican Football Federation, however an addition was made so that the Court has all the necessary documentation to give a verdict.

This was what was requested:

“That the Court order the Board of Directors of the Unafut to send them the complete file of the case so that they know first-hand all the arguments that we have presented and that all administrative channels have been exhausted.”

“We request that a precautionary measure be imposed so that Unafut does not schedule the start of the 2021-2022 season until this resource is approved.”

“We ask that Mr. Sergio Rivera be recused to refrain from knowing this resource, since he took part in it as an advisor to Unafut.”

In this way, the people of Limon climb in their fight to avoid relegation, in a season that they consider had enough administrative irregularities to annul it.

“We tell our fans that we continue forward and persevere, this is a matter of justice and we have the conviction that reason assists us and we will continue in the highest category,” concluded the Limonenses.

It is important to remember that the Caribbeans first went to Unafut and the Costa Rican Football Federation to resolve this case, however the Board of Directors that governs the First Soccer Division in the country and the Executive Committee of Fedef Fútbol rejected the request.



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