Luis Fernando Suárez considers that La Sele has time to improve

San José, July 25 ( .- Luis Fernando Suárez considers that his team does have the necessary time to improve in the face of the World Cup qualifying round that will begin on September 2 when Costa Rica visits Panama City to face the canalists.

The Tricolor showed improvement in the 2021 Gold Cup between highs and lows. Although against Canada the game was really low key.

Canada passed over a Costa Rica that was never found.

After the game, these are the words of the Colombian coach.

– What is your analysis after the 2-0 defeat against Canada and being eliminated from the Gold Cup?

– I cannot blame the players for their attitude, but there are many things to improve. We must highlight the Canadian team, because they put in good pressure and unfortunately we made a mistake looking for the exit. They did things more correctly than us, they beat us in the defensive and offensive sense. In the practical sense of football it was more Canada than us.

– How does this first defeat fall after adding three wins in a row, ahead of the start of the qualifying round for the Qatar 2022 World Cup?

– We have a lot to improve, I am aware, but we have time. We need to grow, climbing in the football proposal we want. You not only learn a lot from the defeat, but also from previous games.

– Why was Jimmy Marín given so few minutes?

– They were circumstances of the parties. In the previous game, the idea was to give him more opportunity, but after what happened (Lionel Moreira’s expulsion) it was not possible.

– What can stand out as the best of the National Team in the Gold Cup?

– The best attitude and what they have done in this tournament, such as helping each other, managing the team in the best way and I think that must be considered. The best way to achieve different things and correct mistakes is to recognize it and then be united.

– Do defeats teach us more than victories?

– Suddenly. They dominated us and showed us more mistakes than the other games. I don’t stay calm when we win games. I am sincere, we have a lot to grow and improve. Canada played well, we have to grow and Canada eliminated us well, they played better than us.

– And the worst that Costa Rica showed?

– I don’t know whether to call it the worst, because the most important thing is that we have a lot to improve and it seems to me that what we have to look for is much more continuity. We had passages, moments, the team did interesting and good things, but also potholes, which cannot be given or seeks to qualify for a World Cup, we have to be more constant in our game.

– What will be your priorities now?

– For me everything is a priority. I have to watch the championship, talk to the coaches of all the teams, as I had said and see the universe of players that we have abroad.



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