MEP begins contracting processes to build infrastructure with Sicop

San José, Jul 27 ( – The Bernardo Gutiérrez school, located in Sardinal in Guanacaste, is the first educational center whose transformation into infrastructure will be contracted through the Institutional Procurement of the MEP, in the Integrated Public Procurement System (SICOP).

In this way, the Ministry of Public Education (MEP) begins a new stage and advances in the adjudications, thanks to the modification of article 145 of the Regulation of the Administrative Contracting Law, which allows direct contracting that has been declared bankrupt.

The process promotes greater transparency and participation of suppliers, security of the financial capacity of the projects, experience in construction accredited by the Federated College of Engineers and Architects (CFIA), while minimizing contractual breaches.

Steven González Cortés, Administrative Vice Minister of the MEP, stated that these changes are part of the administrative reorganization of the Educational Infrastructure Directorate (DIE), which seeks to streamline processes and remove great responsibility from the Education and Administrative Boards in the construction works of educational centers.

The Bernardo Gutiérrez school has provided educational service since 1886, currently it has an enrollment of 725 students at all levels, including the open education offer.

Over the years, the structure has had extensions and improvements, but due to the disorderly growth and age of the property, the urgency of an intervention is imminent, since the educational service had to be transferred to a premises rented by the MEP and include transportation for users, which generates a considerable monthly disbursement of public funds.

Catalina Salas, Director of the DIE, said that the process is in clarification to the cartel, to be able to receive the offers, through the platform SICOP.

«This process is very important for the DIE, because it is the same MEP who hires and gives direct responsibility to the management unit in administrative contracting. As the Procurement Office is the specialized entity, it will help us to carry out other contracting processes of this magnitude, ”Salas said.

In the case of the Bernardo Gutiérrez school, the works would include 30 classrooms, batteries of sanitary services, exterior works, student dining room and complementary details. Data from the DIE calculate an estimated cost of ₵ 1,218 million and the idea is that the works will start from 2022.

Gustavo Chavarría, director of the educational center, expressed his emotion when he learned that one of the most emblematic schools in the area will have a new house and that the designs seek to completely modernize the structure, and resemble the architecture that dates back to 1886.

Catalina Salas, Director of the DIE, explained that they are managing other contracting processes with the Institutional Procurement, such as, for example, public tenders to have a portfolio of professionals and prequalified companies in the areas of design, construction and technical studies, which they are requirements for the lifting of educational work; This makes it possible to speed up hiring because you can choose between companies that meet the established parameters.

The idea is to carry out shorter contracting processes with regionalized teams working on work progress.

Also, a new manual of procedures is being prepared to make the acquisition of land more effective and transparent, which from now on will be purchased through the Institutional Procurement System in the system. SICOP.

In cases where the Board already has a budget for the purchase of the land, the process can continue as long as an additional technical and legal verification is made to verify that the land is adequate for the future development of the required educational infrastructure project.



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