Merchants and community leaders ask the Government to release restrictions in areas affected by floods

Cartago, Jul 25 ( – Community leaders and merchants affected by the last rains and where they lost millions of colones, especially in Turrialba, asked the Government to release the commercial and transit restrictions imposed as a result of COVID-19 and thus favor the economic reactivation.

The sentiment of many of these merchants was reflected in a document delivered by the Turrialbeño community leader, journalist and lawyer, Carlos Hidalgo Flores.

According to many merchants, the rains in Turrialba and elsewhere in the country further hit the economy and many families, who have lost millions of colones in merchandise damaged by overflowing rivers and landslides.

Therefore, as an urgent measure, they asked the President of the Republic, the Minister of Health and CNE authorities to reduce or eliminate the vehicle and trade restrictions imposed on these cantons, albeit gradually in order to favor trade with responsible local consumption. .

“Please reduce or eliminate the restrictions in the cantons affected by the floods and let’s help them reactivate the economy, people need resources to survive, we promise to go shopping with a mask, with alcohol gel and with all the protocols,” said Hidalgo.

Traders and residents expect a reasonable decision to benefit the health and economy of the affected cantons across the country.



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