Mideplan promotes territorial economic strategy

(CRHoy.com) .- The Ministry of Planning (Mideplan) began to promote the territorial economic strategy which is the basic input for the formulation of the National Strategic Plan (PEN) 2050.

The portfolio reported that it has already carried out more than 70 games in various communities of the country to explain the contents of the strategies and receive suggestions from community leaders.

The purpose of the plan is to decentralize the country’s economic development, innovation and modernization of economic activities.

To that end they were identified 11 interconnected development poles through six logistics corridors and adds specific territorial elements such as nodes and management areas.

The strategy consists of 50 key actions to be completed by 2050. These are divided into five work dimensions: infrastructure and connectivity, human capital, social inclusion, economic development and decarbonization.

Pilar Garrido, Minister of Mideplan, indicated that the Costa Rica that is looming in 2050 must be decentralized, technological, decarbonized, inclusive and without gender and social gaps.

He added that if the strategy is to materialize, the gross domestic product Costa Rican (GDP) would grow by around 90% and employment by 34%.

“We would be closing gaps of a multidimensional nature and we would be contributing greatly to decarbonisation, “said Garrido.

Meetings to report on the strategy will end in July. Afterwards, the actors who were consulted will raise goals and indicators for the fulfillment of the strategy.

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