Nosara Beach in Guanacaste, Costa Rica

There is no doubt that Costa Rica is a perfect vacation destiny, this country can give you everything that you will need to have an amazing time during your vacations, we want to give you a quit idea of how the vacations are in Costa Rica, especially if you go to Guanacaste, one of the most amazing places of this country, why? Well, that’s easy, the perfect weather, all the amazing nature and of course you will see and enjoy the incredible beaches in the zone, in this occasion we want to talk you about Nosara beaches.

Nosara is a small town part of Guanacaste, Costa Rica, this place is known for the beaches in there and for being an uncontaminated area, and also, for the yoga and surf life style of local people, you’ll be amazed by the beauty and nature of the place. Nosara is part of different protection programs through the National Parks system of the country, in addition local people are committed with the area to preserve this virgin forest and beach to ensure that this nature remain intact, how they do this? Well, they establishes some restrictions, for example, they only allow small-scale buildings to maintain the magnificent sunset that you can see over the ocean.

In Nosara, Guanacaste there are three beaches: Guiones beach, Nosara beach and Pelada beach. Let’s talk a little bit of each one, Guiones beach presents white sand, amazing view and is the most famous for those surfers with high experience because the swell is very strong. Nosara beach is characterized by the reefs perfecto to do some snorkeling and also is a beach used to do surf, this beach is used by intermediate levels and experienced surfers. Last, Pelada beach is a quiet beach of rocky reef shells on the north side and full of natural pools.

You can spend some “Pura Vida” time in Nosara, you can take quad rides as well as horseback riding and visit all the beaches of this place. Along the way, you can admire the roaring waterfall and taste the famous Agua de Pipa on the beach, feel the true culture and support the locals by attending nearby restaurants, you must come to Nosara in Guanacaste Costa Rica and taste the call of nature.

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