One Of The Seven Costa Rican Wonders!“Las Cortinas” Waterfall

At the lost island of Jurassic Park, in the Siquirres mountains is “Las Cortinas Waterfall”, a waterfall of about 125 meters that attracts attention since there is a great curtain of water that falls like tears down a huge rock face, ideal for hiking in Costa Rica.

There are two ways to enter: From the Bonilla school, recommended for simple or low cars.

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In this case, you will walk from 6 to 7 hours to the foot of the waterfall (there and back, 18km approx); or from the abandoned house, recommended for tall cars, preferably 4×4. In this case, you will walk 4 or 5 hours to the foot of the waterfall (round trip, approx 10km).

This place has become more in trend since 2020

The Obando Family is the owner of the entrance land to the waterfall. They will give you a warm welcome.

From the beginning of the route you can see unique landscapes, starting with a gravel road until you reach the farm, from there you walk along paths in pastures that little by little go into the mountain; with luck, you can see different species of toucans, orioles and even monkeys.

The terrain has steep slopes (where ropes can be used to descend), mud or loose pebbles; so it is recommended for people with trail experience.

You can go down the cliff to the natural pool using ropes and harness or continue down the dive further down towards the river.

So come and enjoy this natural wonder of the land of Pura Vida.

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