One year after his death, suspects will remain in prison

( .- The San Ramón Sentencing Appeal Court again denied freedom for the 3 people listed as suspected of having caused the death of anesthesiologist María Luisa Cedeño, whose case meets this week 1 year after it occurred, time in which the Prosecutor’s Office and the Judicial Investigation Agency continue to feed the investigation process to hold the accused responsible.

During a hearing on measures held last Tuesday, the court extended the custodial measure for those involved in this case for 3 more months.

In this way, a Nicaraguan named Herrera, a collaborator of the Hotel La Mansión in Quepos will remain in jail until the first fortnight of next October.

In the same condition is an alleged computer worker with the surname Miranda, who will continue in prison until October, and finally the owner of the hotel, Harry Bodaan, will be under house arrest until the first fortnight of the month of November considering that his precautionary measure expires in August.

The lawyers representing María Luisa’s family in this process have not wanted to provide statements regarding the case, however, they assure that they remain aware of the complications that an investigation of such dimensions warrants, and they are satisfied with the work they have done. made judicial authorities of both the OIJ and the Prosecutor’s Office.

1 year ago, on July 20, 2020, at the Hotel La Mansión de Quepos, the body of María Luisa Cedeño was found in one of the rooms, she was wrapped in a white sheet, naked, with traces of blood, and with numerous wounds that reflected an attack between several people.

Cedeño had come to that tourist complex to enjoy a short vacation, she was used to traveling alone and spending time away from the city with her pet, to rest from the workload she was used to.

Under the professional context, María Luisa Cedeño was considered one of the most prepared doctors in the country, and that is how she worked, according to her relatives.

According to the theory of the Public Ministry, the attack against him could eventually have been due to a subject of sexual abuse.

Weeks after the murder, the judicial police arrested the Nicaraguan Herrera, suspected of participating in the crime, later, they arrested Miranda, and finally, Harry Bodaan. It is presumed that all of them participated at the same time in the events.

The attorneys for Cedeño’s family made a conference in which they revealed that the body of María Luisa Cedeño had been bathed by the suspects, in addition, they introduced their own fingers into her mouth to remove saliva and put it on her wounds on her chest and arms.

After that, they covered her in a sheet and left her lying on the bed.

Under that description, it is presumed that the suspects they went to a fourth person who could have “advised” them in altering the crime scene.

Bodaan, Herrera and Miranda are, at the moment, the only ones presumed responsible for the macabre murder.

In the coming months, the final investigation procedures are expected to be completed, related to the opening of cell phones, the compilation of forensic reports and other relevant investigations for a possible trial.

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