Orderly vaccination essential for economic reactivation

They argue that there is a “lack of strategy” on the part of the Executive. CRH file.

(CRHoy.com) With the aim of accelerate the country’s economic reactivation, UCCAEP urged the Government to order and standardize the vaccination campaign against COVID-19, with the aim of accelerating the economic reactivation of the country.

The business leadership joined the call for attention from various social sectors where it is stated that there is a lack of strategy and the refusal of the Government to work jointly with the private sector in the distribution and placement of doses.

For the sector, advances in vaccination are vital to put an end to the sanitary vehicle restriction, as well as the limits of capacity and hours. The elimination of these measures has also been requested by the Chamber of Commerce and the Costa Rican Chamber of Restaurants and Related Products (Cacore). This, in order to enable businesses to improve their income.

“Vaccination is the way. If we want to recover the sectors hardest hit by the pandemic, those who work in essential sectors for society must be vaccinated. Business closures and vehicle restriction they are not the way. Therefore, we urge the authorities to standardize the measures, extend vaccination schedules and allow the collaboration of the private sector, ”said the president of Uccaep, José Álvaro Jenkins.

Currently, businesses can operate until 9:00 pm, while on weekends the condition of even and odd plates to circulate is maintained.

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