Otto Guevara confirms nomination for deputy for the Liberal Union Party

San José, Jul 20 ( – Former congressman Otto Guevara confirmed that he intends to run as a candidate for deputy with the Costa Rica Liberal Union Party in the next elections.

“From now on I ask for your support,” said the politician.

As he added, “we need less taxes, greater economic freedom, reduce public spending, remove obstacles to entrepreneurship, lower social charges, reduce the cost of living of Costa Ricans, eliminate state privileges, open monopolies and fight against any attack on our freedoms ”.

“All this and more, I will promote from the Legislative Assembly,” ‘he asserted.

“It is urgent to recover the balance in the Legislative Assembly through a large group of liberal deputies willing to make a real opposition to the claims of other parties to increase taxes that impoverish, to create more obstacles to undertake, and to take away fundamental freedoms”, concluded.



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