Our ethical principles remain in force, assures the president of the PAC

San José, Jul 26 (elmundo.cr) – The president of the Citizen Action Party, Marta Solano, assured that “our ethical principles of transparency, good management of public funds, ethics, etc. are still in force.”

This was stated by Solano in an interview in Monumental News.

For the president of the PAC “indeed there have been things that have come out not of the new vision, but of the practice. The case of the scam itself, which is something that we did not foresee, we never thought that this would happen and we may or may not agree with the result, but what we do agree is that we must comply with the law With what our legal system establishes and if we have to make all possible efforts to comply with that, that is an ethical principle also the party’s commitment.

Solano reiterated that “the Citizen Action Party continues to be the party of the 21st century, with a vision and proposals for the 21st century.”

“That is why it is a party that, since its inception, has given women a lot of participation, a lot of participation of young people, youth, and it has an appeal precisely because it is those population groups that the party bets on people sign up, “he added.

He also stressed that “our government proposals are very much in the sense of the Costa Rica of the XXI century that we want and that is part of what is most striking.”

“We continue to believe that the Citizen Action Party needs to govern at least 4 more years, because there are pending issues, there are things that should be strengthened and many things to fix,” he said.

«A government as we have seen is not a matter of a single party, a government governs for its entire population, for the entire population of the country, therefore the issue of agreements has to remain pending, we are a party that has also governed by achieving minimum agreements, not always the best, but we continue in that line, “he concluded.



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